Code of Conduct

Australian Sailing


Australian Sailing recognises that privacy is important and providing personal information is an act of trust. Australian Sailing takes that seriously, and will manage your Information only in accordance with its Privacy Policy available at:

Individuals must promptly advise their Affiliated Club of any change of name, address or other relevant identification and contact details, either in writing or electronically.

Individuals acknowledge and consent to Australian Sailing’s use of their personal information for the purpose of sending electronically or by other means, newsletters from Australian Sailing and Affiliated Clubs, which may include information of sponsors or other third parties.

Lauderdale Yacht Club

LYC Code of Conduct LYC members, volunteers and staff are committed to the mission of the LYC to promote off the beach sailing and water sports at Lauderdale through the development of member and community skills”. LYC is 100% volunteer run. On joining, members are expected to volunteer their services in some way.

In participating in LYC programs or activities, LYC members and volunteers are entitled to expect a safe environment, and agree:

- To respect the rights, dignity and property of other members, volunteers, staff and other participants in activities, including their feelings, opinions and personal space.

- To not abuse or harass others, physically or psychologically, or place them in danger, or treat them in a discriminatory way, or take advantage of them;

- To be patient and considerate of others, and to respect their privacy;

- To help LYC provide a safe environment, safe equipment, and safe activities, and to report breakages and malfunctions.

- To follow LYC rules and policies, and reasonable directions of staff or supervisors;

- To report problems or behaviour that put them or others at risk of harm or abuse.

Required I confirm that I have read the above Terms in their entirety.